Who we are

Picomed is a recently founded start-up company. R&D, manufacture, sale and after sale assistance for instruments, innovative devices for measurement, detection and manipulation of radioactive substances are its main business areas.. The main application field is Nuclear Medicine.

The company is made up of business partners (PTL Mirandola and TMP Lama Mocogno) with consolidated experience in the precision mechanics field for a lot of different application markets. The Mirandola Biomedical district has an historical and strong aptitude to the innovation and to R&D activities.

The company, by getting advantage of a patent and know-how licenses set, will propose new instruments and devices under Picomed brand. In particular, a new radiation detector (Patent pending) will expand the company portfolio, by overtaking the limits related to the detectors actually present on the market.

The company has a strong collaboration with Physicists working in the reference sector, Universities and Research Centers, in order to quickly develop new and very innovative products.

The place of business is located in Mirandola (Modena-Italy).


Gammatech Corporation


ISO 9001:2015