NuMe Monitoring system

Nuclear Medicine Lab Monitoring System allows operators to monitor each room’s radiation level by means of dislocated probes and a data collecting system.

The software, installed on a Pc, collects data from probes and shows any possible anomaly. The interface, realized using a virtual map, makes easier the event visualization. The system is meant to provide environmental activity level measurements in Traditional Nuclear Medicine and PET-Cyclotron Facilities and can be installed also in GMP laboratories.

The peculiar construction of the probes allows easy cleansing and installation with no visible cables.

It is a flexible and modular system and it allows to display, in real time, the whole facility status, by means of a dedicated software showing the building virtual map.
All probes, reliable, accurate and rugged, do not need any maintenance; they allow both gamma and neutron field (if present) radiation level measurement. The system can also measure and quantify air radioactivity concentration level coming out the facility.

The system is able to manage all probes installed inside hot cells. All probes connected can be controlled by the central unit in both READ and WRITE mode.

Control PC


  • to control the entire system,
  • to print reports The PC has a mirrored hard disk for data storage with a wide display and a printer

Software main specifications:

  • User-customized interface software
  • Customer-defined virtual map
  • Real time data display
  • Redundant alarm notification (text and color coded messages, acoustic alarm)
  • Remote configuration of all connected probes
  • SQL database
  • Scheduled and manual data backup
  • Graphical and tabular data display
  • Automatic and manual report generation
  • Routines for calibration and activity air concentration
  • Routines for output interface to other systems - (i.e. safety systems)
  • Remote access ready
  • 2-level password protection (+1 level for assistance)