MiRi Waste containers monitor

Through the measurement of the activity level performed by a pair of high sensitivity plastic scintillators with, MiRi is able to determine the activity concentration (in Bq/g) of a waste containers.
Different calibration factors can be used, based on the containers used.
A preset alarm thresholds informs the operator via a visual and acoustic signal about the activity content of the waste. Basing on isotopes information, the system gives the shelf life of the waste before discharging.
The system has three user levels defined by rights:

  • user rights: allows you to operate the system and take measurements, but it does not allow you to modify the settings. The only configuration allowed is changing the access password.
  • administrator rights: allows you to operate the system by taking measurements and to modify the settings.
  • service rights: allows all operations and is reserved for maintenance activities done by the manufacturer. A self-adhesive label printer allows operator to identify the measured containers. It can be used for the determination of the dose rate outside of the containers for the transport of FDG for their classification.

MiRi monitor general specifications

  • Large area scintillator detectors, 20 mm thick
  • Integrated scale, integrated printer
  • Password protected software
  • Main isotopes stored (customizable)
  • Automatic background compensation
  • Measuring efficiency for Co-57: the efficiency is 0,3% cps/Bq, the MDA is 1700 Bq
  • Measuring efficiency for Cs-137: the efficiency is 0,1% cps/Bq, the MDA is 5100 Bq
  • Measurement units: c.p.s. or Bq/g
  • Power supply 110-230 V
  • Large LCD Touch-Screen display
  • Data permanently saved in a SQL database
  • Data exportable to USB key
  • Ethernet port