Hand-feet-clothes monitor model MaPi

Instrument developed for measuring superficial contamination of hand, foot and clothes of the personnel operating with non-sealed radioactive sources, nuclear medicine labs, radiochemistry labs, production labs.

It is expressly thought to measure personnel contamination in PET centers.

This system allows to compare the current measurement with the set threshold. It is composed of four independent detecting heads based on plastic scintillator coupled to photomultiplier tubes; one probe is detachable in order to make full body contamination detection easy. Signals are acquired, managed and displayed by an industrial PC based system with user friendly HMI.

The detection heads are foldable, thus reducing volume for ease of transportation.


  • Touch screen Colour LCD 6,5”
  • Alarm Settable for every detection Unit
  • Optical and acoustic signalling
  • Relay output (4 settable free voltage contacts) Continuous display of background value
  • Automatic background measuring and compensation Measurement in Bq/cm2 or CPS
  • Radionuclide library
  • Alarm notification
  • Calibration factor for each detector
  • Setting of alarm thresholds
  • Password protection


  • (w x d x h) mm 570 x 655 x 1330
  • Weight: Kg 60