AcMe Activity Meter

AcMe activity meter is a family of Dose Calibrators based on field proven state of-the-art technology. The high precision innovative electrometer, coupled to a deep-well Argon filled Ionization Chamber, allows the highest measuring accuracy and stability. A rational and user-friendly Windows-based HMI provides clear measurement results and full control of the device in terms of QC, data management, report and label generation. To increase geometric measurement accuracy, the system gives user the unique capability to insert for each isotope an indefinite number of geometries, all stored in a permanent database. This features greatly reduces measurement errors in particular when measuring pure-beta emitters.

AcMe is available in the following configurations:

  • Stand Alone model (for QC Laboratories)
  • Hot Cell model (installed inside hot cells and safety cabinets).

Software HMI can be installed over any Windows® 10 based system.

AcMe Dose calibrator general specifications


  • AcMe is based on Argon filled well-type ionization chamber directly coupled to a high accuracy smart electrometer
  • Electrometer is microcontroller based and performs automatically all measuring tasks, autozeroing, background, bias and gain digital control. The microcontroller continuously check the working parameters of the electrometer and send error codes to main HMI software, thus greatly reducing measuring errors due hardware malfunctioning
  • Functionalities like quality control, generation of reports and labels, make it the ideal tool for all operations of activity measurement in nuclear medicine departments and PET centers
  • PC with touch screen monitor
  • More than 25 calibration factors stored for the radioisotopes most commonly used in Nuclear Medicine
  • System can store up to 110 isotope selection
  • Nine customizable user-settable fast keys for Isotope selection
  • Geometries pre-set: Vial and syringe.
 Additional user-required geometries (unlimited number) can be set and calibrated easily
  • PDF report generation and label generation both for patient or for production purposes. Reports and labels are permanently stored in SQL database
  • Data are permanently saved in a SQL database, with USB export capability and TCP/IP protocol interface
  • Two-level password-protected device
  • Label printing capability
  • Ethernet TCP/IP output for interface with external systems
  • HMI software can reside on any Windows 10 based PC and provides easy to use and intuitive interface
  • External dimensions of the ionization chamber with shielding: (Ø x h) mm 150 x 390, without shielding (Ø x h) mm 125 x 390
  • Power supply: 110/230Vac 50/60 Hz

Available models

  • Stand alone model: additional lead shielding, 3 mm of lead, (total weight: 13 Kg), one manual low density plastic canister Included
  • Hot cell model: total weight 5 kg (hot cell shielding is used), dedicated sample holder is needed

QC routines

  • Full suite of QC routines:
    • Digital Auto Zeroing by on-board Microcontroller
    • Background measuring and digital compensation
    • Bias Digital adjustment by on-board Microcontroller
    • Calibration factors digital adjustment
    • Amplifying-circuitry gain automatic digital adjustment by current sensing due to on-board Microcontroller
    • Accuracy QC
    • Constancy QC
    • Linearity QC (two methods: via decay or by manual samples preparation)
    • Calibration QC: digital adjustment
    • Molybdenum breakthrough measurement
  • Linearity reports in form of .csv file to be exported and analyzed
  • Calibration sources data are stored in SQL database for fast recovery and activity is kept always updated by the system, in order to reduce operator error and to speed-up QC routine activities.

Measuring performances

  • Saturation: > 8 Ci (18-F) > 25 Ci (Tc-99m)
  • Electrometer accuracy: ± 1%
  • Overall measurement accuracy over full-range: within ± 2%

  • Linearity: ± 2% over the entire range of measure
  • Resolution: 0.01 MBq
  • Long-term repeatability: ± 2%

  • Short-term repeatability: ± 2%

  • Measuring time: 0.5 sec to 10 sec depending on activity

AcMe-Lp Label Printer

  • Model: Dymo LabelWriter 4XL
  • Heavy-duty high speed Label printer: 81.28 mm per seconds
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • USB connection
  • Label width up to 104 mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 178 x 187 x 134 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Thermal printing system: no need for ink or toner substitution


  • Kit for Mo-99 contamination measurement
  • Available versions: Stand Alone model and Hot Cell model